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En Guyane cette tribu contient les genre suivants :

- Megalodacne
- Pselaphacus
- Megischyrus
- Ischyrus
- Mycotretus
- Mycophtorus
- Apolybas


  • Genre Mycotretus

    Genre Mycotretus Chevrolat, 1837 Mycotretus is one of the most difficult genus to determine, and one of the biggest in the family. Even the tribe, Tritomini, seems to not be monophyletic, as many studies have suggested. Basically, it is almost everything that is an erotylid, has short and wide femora, is oval and with no more than 10 milimeters. Mentum en forme d’assiette coupée en diagonale ou arrondie antérieurement Club de 4 segments Femurs courts et large Forme ovale et de moins de 10 mm Pores de l’angle pronotal (...)